We all know the stats about women versus men when it comes to career success and that all important one - pay. Currently, the balance isn’t equal and despite media attention highlighting the issue, it’s only just starting to move slowly in the right direction. So what can we do to speed up the change?!


At #YesSheCan we aim to inspire women to take the next step, put themselves forwards and have some underlying self-belief. Our mantra of “she believes, so she leads” is critical to breaking down the gender barriers and ensuring the opportunity landscape is an equal one regardless of gender. Believing is key to this.


We have some unbelievable women working with us on this project, many of which you can find on the site in the “Inspire” section. Take the time to read through their stories, understand the battles they’ve had in their careers and how they’ve overcome them. Use them to help fuel your own belief. 


You will note that we keep referring to belief such as the criticality of it to succeed. We hope you find our content useful to release your “inner belief!”.

"You can't determine where you start in life, but you can determine where you end up."

Karren Brady


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