Claire Pryke; “You will have a lot of ups and downs, be ready.”

22nd November 2020
This blog features Claire Pryke, the Company Director of Chalk Media. Here, we learn her road to success including massive amounts of drive but also aspects of devastation. Can you tell us a bit about you and your career? I own and run Chalk Media, a full-service media and marketing…

Vicki Wentworth - Be authentic, fair and consistent.

6th November 2020
We chat with Vicki Wentworth, Chief Customer Officer at Wesleyan Assurance. She talks about all things career, children and resilience-from 10 years in the military to being a female role model in the Financial Services industry. Can you tell us a bit about you and your career? I started in…

Christine Laird: “Don’t just embrace change, drive change”

18th October 2020
Throughout a career spanning over forty years, Christine Laird has put blood, sweat and tears into making a name for herself as a credit manager. Now in the role of Head of Credit for Grafton Merchanting, Christine is considered as a skilled and energetic people manager, leading high performing teams…

Connecting Businesses Virtually - Fiona Duncan-Steer

18th October 2020
#YesSheCan role model, Fiona Duncan-Steer has spent Lockdown keeping businesses connected through troubling times Established business network- RSViP have been working hard to keep businesses connected during the last six months since lockdown began in March. By acting quickly and taking their in-person ‘Network Social’ events online, business was able…

Emma Martin - Don’t let anyone make you think you are “less than!”

15th October 2020
We’re pleased to bring you a piece by Emma Martin, the Founder of Emma Martin Interiors. Emma has changed careers to follow her dreams, it hasn’t always been easy. Emma tells us the adversity she has had to overcome to achieve! Hello there, I am Emma Martin, I am an…

Normalising Period Talk - Period Talk

2nd October 2020
Period Talk is a platform we created to encourage the conversation around periods. What Period poverty is: Period poverty is the lack of access to sanitary products, menstrual hygiene education, toilets, handwashing facilities, and waste management. Menstruation is not a choice. It comes with unpleasant and challenging experiences - from…

PERIODS. #YesSheCan collaboration with Grace & Green

2nd October 2020
PERIODS. There are 15 million woman of menstrual age in the UK. The average age for commencement of menstruation is 12.5 years. On average a woman will menstruate until she is fifty years old, for an average total of 37.5 years. During which time she will menstruate around 500 times.…

The Future of Work is Play - Esther Akpovi

2nd October 2020
Have you heard of the term ‘ Funemployment ‘ ? The term funemployment refers to a period of time when individuals decide to enjoy the free time that comes with being unemployed. Gen Z and Millennials are more likely to be Funemployed. As we are bound to spend the time…

Leila Hobart - Your inner power and strength are stronger than you ever know.

27th September 2020
This blog is from Leila Hobart- she talks us through what it’s really like being an Instagram Influencer, self-love and a day in her life! This is a hugely positive story and you should definitely give it a read if you’re struggling with self-love and confidence! It all started back…

Sarah Land - Don’t give energy to things you can’t change

27th August 2020
#YesSheCan has interviewed Sarah Land, a former HR professional who has set up a charity called Peeps, Sarah’s daughter, Heidi suffered from a lack of oxygen at birth. Peeps supports families who have experienced the same life changing event. Can you tell us a bit about you and your career?…

Dr Cheryl Kam: Functional Medicine Coach

27th August 2020
I help busy mums unlock and sustain unrivalled energy, focus and calm through functional medicine and transformational habits. While my role was as a hospital doctor then a family physician, medical school was only the beginning. My interests also lay in anthropology, spirituality and psychology. I wanted to know more…

Candice Lee – if you’re going to do something, do it well, or not at all.

27th August 2020
#YesSheCan welcomes Candice Lee for an interview. Candice is a former practicing Lawyer who changed careers to set up Butterflyy Productions, and hasn’t looked back since! Can you tell us a bit about you and your career? I am a divorced mum of two boys originally from London. I practiced…
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