Q&A with Jenna Alexander, CEO of JoinedTo: ‘Be bold, be brave.’

30th July 2019
In this blog, we interview Jenna Alexander, CEO of JoinedTo. JoinedTo aims to bring together people and business through Diversity and Inclusion. Specifically, bringing people with disabilities into the workplace. Jenna explains more about her inspirational role at JoinedTo, who inspires her, and the challenges that she has faced along…

Part 3: The guilty parent

26th July 2019
Guilt is a word that many parents know too well. It’s a feeling that can sometimes be difficult to come to terms with. Fathers, mothers, grandparents, we’ve all experienced it and continue to experience it throughout every hurdle of family life. Although many people tell you about how different you’ll…

Leading By Example - Interview With Saskia Nina

26th July 2019
Motivated by the desire to inspire the next generation of female leaders, Saskia is well versed in overcoming some of the major hurdles faced by women in the modern workplace. Before working in the policy sector, Saskia was a Probation Service Officer working at a Crown Court prosecuting in the…

Part 2: Can a woman really have it all?

18th July 2019
As a self-confessed work- acholic, I have historically been very sceptical about so many of the topics covered in this publication. I would say I was a traditionalist: at my desk, putting the hours in, and expecting the same from those around me. I would question whether productivity was as…

Ula Howlett: ‘Come what may, you WILL find the way.'

15th July 2019
After relocating from Poland to England in 2006, Ula was asked by a recruiter why she thought anyone would give a job to a foreigner with no work experience in the UK. Undeterred, and with a mantra of seeing setbacks as simply ‘lessons learned’, Ula continued to pursue her ambitions.…

Ramneek Sohal - Making A Difference

12th July 2019
After growing up and feeling like she didn’t quite fit in, Ramneek found her feet in Human Resources. Previously working for huge brands such as Dixons Carphone, Monsoon Accessorize, House of Fraser, The Coca Cola Company and many more, she has recently been appointed as Global People Director for Karen…

Manjeeta Pathak - Challenging The Status Quo

12th July 2019
Manjeeta Pathak is the Assistant Site Manager at Redrow Homes. Since studying a Master’s Degree in project management, she has been going from strength to strength in her career. In 2018 Manjeeta won the ‘Inspire Me’ award at the CN Talent Awards in London, the award recognises individuals working in…

Q&A with Tracey Jackson

12th July 2019
Tracey Jackson is a career professional in the fenestration industry. For over 20 years Tracey has been working her way up the ladder in a male-dominated sector. Since becoming a senior member of staff in her current place of work Tracey has begun giving back, mentoring young professionals in order…

Q&A with Ally Whicher

1st July 2019
Ally Whicher started her career in PR and as the world of print moved online, she decided to move with it! Now a mother of one and in a full-time management position at a digital advertising agency, she tells us how she is managing to balance her time. What is…

Part 1: You’re pregnant, get over it…

1st July 2019
I’m the first to admit that my former, younger and more naive self, believed that pregnant women should just get on with it because the position they were in was ultimately their choice. How wrong was I? Being pregnant was hands down one of the hardest things I’ve ever been…

Joe Hudson - Encouraging diversity at every level

23rd June 2019
Joe Hudson has experienced working in many cultures around the world. This unique experience has inspired Joe to make a positive change to the modern workplace by encouraging more diversity at every level. Read more about Joe’s story below: Tell us a little bit about you... I grew up in…

Suzie Godfrey: Safety first

19th June 2019
After applying to work in Health & Safety as a stop gap before moving on in her career, Suzie Godfrey quickly found a love for her job. Working in several companies across different sectors, Suzie has been able to develop a key understanding of the key themes in Health &…
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