Annelies James - 72% of entrepreneurs develop a mental health issue

27th August 2020
Annelies has been running her own business, Expertly Personal, since 2018. She has encountered anxiety and a negative work-life balance but has found numerous ways to counter these and remain successful, both personally and professionally. I’ve been running my own business since 2018. Since taking the leap I have discovered…

Simone Codrington; Take every opportunity to learn!

27th August 2020
In this blog we speak to Simone Codrington, Asst Sustainability Manager. Simone Codrington spends her days supporting a large housing and commercial contractor to have a better environmental impact. Can you tell us a bit about you and your career: After choosing Environmental Science as a GCSE, then Environmental Studies…

Nina Marshall - Communication is ALWAYS King!

27th August 2020
Nina is a Sports Therapy Practitioner who runs two clinics in the East Midlands, she has suffered with a skin condition which led her to be addicted to steroid creams, read her interview here: Can you tell us a bit about you and your career? I have always loved fitness,…

Paul Elliott - We've all got greatness inside of us

30th July 2020
#YesSheCan is exceptionally lucky to have been able to interview Paul Elliott. Paul is a former professional footballer who now dedicates his post playing career to Diversity & Inclusion. Paul is Chair of The Football Association’s Inclusion Advisory Board. In our interview we talk about Paul’s career, the racism that…

Lizzie Benton – Culture Consultant

29th July 2020
Lizzie has started a company helping organisations with their culture. Having had good and bad experiences she has taken it upon herself to do everything she can to get rid of toxic work culture. Tell us a bit about your career so far My career has been a real pick…

Stacey Chesterton - You know you the best and you know your capabilities

29th July 2020
In this blog #YesWeCan talks to Stacey Chesterton who has founded her own Virtual Assistant company! Where it began…. I started out as an office junior for a law firm when I was 17 and quickly qualified as a legal secretary. I have worked for several large companies and been…

Adriana Batty - Making the fashion industry more sustainable

29th July 2020
I founded Lyfcycle with my Dad in 2019…. He brought the knowledge and I brought the creativity and drive to do something new. Lyfcycle was founded with a vision to clean up the fashion industry. We strive to partner with brands, help them on their journey to create sustainable clothing…

Louise Hallam - Achieve what seems impossible.

29th July 2020
#YesSheCan spoke to Louise Hallam who has changed career paths and is now a coach and mentor. She gives some great career advice! Tell us about your career I worked in a corporate job for 25 years specialising in leadership development. I always felt like I was meant to be…

Gilly Seagrave - your principles need to be respected

29th July 2020
Starting with making a simple fashion accessory, Gilly actually empowered, emboldened and allowed a generation of female snowboarders to express themselves as women! This is really interesting blog! How did EKA start? Ok, get a cuppa, this might take a while…… I was snowboarding in my 20’s and a lot…

Ian Mitchell - supporting women in elite sport

29th July 2020
In this blog we bring you the thoughts of a Male Advocate of Gender Diversity. Ian is Head Coach of Great Britain Swans Australian Rules Football team. Alongside his day job he dedicates his time to increasing participation of women in sport! Ian provides some really positive insight and tangible…

Stephanie Morgan - Take yourself out of your comfort zone

29th July 2020
We bring you Stephanie Morgan, a retired Deputy Chief Constable, now the Chair of Trustees of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation Tell us about your career journey and a typical day at work I was brought up in Suffolk, my childhood was a happy and supportive one. I went…

Ellen Willoughby – Trust yourself. Your ideas. Your beliefs.

29th July 2020
#YesSheCan has interviewed Ellen Willoughby, MD of Harmonious Improvement Group, here she talks about her career and her Bipolar Disorder diagnosis. A bit about me I am the Managing Director of the Harmonious Improvement Group, which is a management systems consultancy specialising in ISO standards implementation, maintenance and training. I…
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