Gavin Slark - Workplace diversity is key to business success

21st August 2019
In order for genuine equality to be achieved in the modern workplace, we need commitment from people of all backgrounds and levels within a company. That’s why we’re proud to feature on our most recent post, an insightful piece from Gavin Slark, CEO of Grafton Group plc. Why is diversity…

Electra Japonas: Breaking the law for startups

20th August 2019
Electra saw an opportunity in the Legal industry after working with large organisations and startups and founded her business; The Law Boutique. Here, she shares her candid advice on the importance of believing in yourself and how starting her own business has been a tough but rewarding journey. “I grew…

Nisha Panchal - Recognising Leadership Qualities

18th August 2019
Although this blog might be a little longer than normal that’s because it’s worth reading every word. Nisha Panchal is an inspiring woman who seeks to get the best out of others. Despite life changing and career altering setbacks, Nisha has shown drive and determination throughout her career as a…

Sonja Antelmann: ‘You win or you learn.’

14th August 2019
Sonja Antelmann, originally from Hamburg in Germany, came to the UK ten years ago to study. After completing a Bachelor in Business Management and a Master’s degree in International Business Management, Sonja started working as a Marketing Executive for a small company that supplied safety devices. She then moved onto…

Ewa Ostrowska: Never give up. Work hard, don’t be afraid of change and challenge

9th August 2019
Ewa relocated from Poland to the UK, in order to be able to provide a better future to her son. As well as her role as a senior structural engineer, Ewa is a single parent to her autistic son. Not allowing anything to hold her back, Ewa was not deterred…

Jo Callow: Proving Them Wrong

7th August 2019
Jo Callow is a truly inspiring woman, after working around women in her early career, she went the opposite way by choosing to work in construction. In her current company, Knauf Insulation, Jo has gone from strength to strength. Her hard work has seen her promoted twice in just six…

Q&A With Ellie Chapman

5th August 2019
In this week’s blog, we spoke to Ellie Chapman, Communications & Research Executive at Timber Trade Federation. She shares her experiences of working in a male-dominated industry and her successful efforts to raise awareness for women in construction. We’re incredibly proud to feature Ellie Chapman on this week’s edition of…

Lisa Ventura - Wired Differently

2nd August 2019
After being diagnosed with autism in June 2018, Lisa Ventura was able to better understand herself and why she stood out in both school and the workplace. This unique mindset stemmed her interest in non-typical female interests such as technology and cybersecurity. Today, Lisa is the CEO & Founder of…

Michael Feleppa - Enlightening a Generation

1st August 2019
Micheal Feleppa, Owner of MF Consultancy Services knows exactly how important diversity is in the workplace. This stems from his own first-hand experience of working in a predominantly male working environment such as construction. Today, Micheal runs his own training company and is at the forefront of the cultural shift…

Lead The Change: Creating Opportunities For Women With Disabilities

1st August 2019
Many organisations have now implemented disability policies, to ensure that women with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in the workplace. However, sometimes employers do not have a sufficient understanding of disability, or the positive attitude needed to implement these policies effectively. It all boils down to understanding and…

Lead the change: Creating Better Workplaces For Women In STEM

1st August 2019
Candidates with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) backgrounds are amongst the most sought out today, as employers seek out people with specialised skillsets to fill highly technical positions. However, when recruiting these candidates, many companies fail to achieve a gender balance. Today, diversity is more important than ever, especially…

Q&A with Faye Lewis

31st July 2019
In this blog, we interviewed Faye Lewis. After a fascinating career, beginning as a journalist writing for well-known publications such as What Car? and The Independent, Faye worked in various industries, eventually working her way up to her current position as Head of Marketing at La Fosse Associates. Faye told…
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