• Thursday, 30 July 2020 13:32

    Paul Elliott - We've all got greatness inside of us

    #YesSheCan is exceptionally lucky to have been able to interview Paul Elliott. Paul is a former professional footballer who now dedicates his post playing career to Diversity & Inclusion. Paul is Chair of The Football Association’s Inclusion Advisory Board. In our interview we talk about Paul’s career, the racism that…
  • Wednesday, 29 July 2020 12:35

    Patricia Campbell – We have the freedom to choose!

    We’re lucky to bring you this blog by Patricia Campbell, an IT professional. She chose the career to create a better life for her son and how uses her experience and seniority to help guide and support others in IT. Why IT? I had my son at the tender age…
  • Tuesday, 28 April 2020 19:44

    Pamela Evans - The Female Digger Driver

    This blog is from Pamela Evans, she tells us her story - one of perseverance and motivation. This is an inspirational story and one that is well worth the read! In September 2001 I turned 21 when I was able to take my CITB Excavator Operator Licence test. I passed…
  • Tuesday, 21 January 2020 13:00

    Lipi Jain- ‘It is okay to have setbacks and not to like the job.'

    In this blog, we chat with Lipi Jain assistant manager in the content department for Reinvent Digital, Lipi talks us through her career and how she’s got to where she is today. Can you tell us a bit about you and your career: Born and brought up in an upper-middle-class…
  • Friday, 20 December 2019 12:05

    House of Trixie Blue- From Burlesque related shenanigans, flexibility classes and self-confidence!

    In this blog, we talk to Trixie Blue, Principal Enchantress of the Burlesque Enterprise House of Trixie Blue, about what inspires her and how she aims to inspire others in becoming more self-confident! What was your first job? Ah one of my best jobs, I adore my first job. I…
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