Buildbase Partnership - Health and Well-being

Our partner Buildbase are leading the way when it comes to Health and Well-being at work. Not only are they doing great things to support gender diversity, they have also recognised the importance of supporting their employees with their mental, physical and financial wellbeing. Gemma Starr, HR Business Partner says “Health and Well-being doesn’t discriminate between genders, people spend a lot of time at work, we believe it’s our duty for us to offer support and advice to our employees in their time of needs. Employee Engagement surveys only work when feedback is taken on board and acted upon, that’s what spurred Buildbase into action. Their colleagues let them know that wellbeing was an area where they wanted more support, which prompted the Management team into action. They have the following aims; We need to support our managers, so they can support their employees better;Help our employees to help themselves;Need to combat the stigma that sits around Mental Health As a result, Buildbase can now offer advice and support for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, along with face to face counselling, which is unprecedented in their history. Buildbase recognise “it’s ok not to be ok”, and are proactively helping people to get the support they need as well as advice and guidance on other issues, like finding a childcare provider or health tips. In addition to this many people in Buildbase are taking part in the “Toughest Challenge”, team members are pushing themselves out of their physical and mental comfort zones to raise money for charity. The challenges range from climbing Ben Nevis, to running 10 10k races, to completing an Ironman. All aimed at promoting a healthy mind and positive physical wellbeing with the added bonus of raising money for charity. Buildbase has also introduced a new financial wellbeing benefit, through an independent company, aimed at helping colleagues achieve their financial goals, providing financial education to help them make sound financial decisions and offering debt consolidation options with fair and responsible lending options. At #YesSheCan we focus on supporting female colleagues to break their career glass ceiling. However, the well being of one gender is not more important than another, we all have pressures and stresses. We’re proud to work alongside Buildbase.


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