Catherine Hadwick: Stay true to yourself and don’t lose touch with your true strengths

In her search to follow her passions, Catherine Hadwick has sampled various careers. From architecture to sales and technical to marketing - she’s tried more than the average person.

Her creativity and desire to help brands grow have lead her to become the Marketing Manager of YBS insulation. Her passion has also helped her to overcome the disadvantage of being a woman working in the construction industry.

Current role:

I have always been a creative person and interested in art and design but I wasn’t sure exactly how to turn this into a career. Having taken inspiration from my dad who was a Civil Engineer I combined my design skills and methodical skills and opted for a degree in Architecture. This is really what lead me to a career in the Construction Industry but my career journey was exactly this, a journey. One of discovery and trial and error and seeing how far I could go in testing out skills that don’t necessarily come naturally to me.

It was during my time as Assistant General Manager at Bereco Ltd, that I started to find myself wanting to create again. I became really interested in the power of branding and content writing and it was at this time that I was responsible for a complete company rebrand including designing a new logo, colour palette and overall brand identity. That was it, I was hooked and this was where my career as Marketing Manager began.

I am now intent on helping other construction brands grow and this is exactly what I have the opportunity to do in my current role as Marketing Manager for YBS Insulation.

The challenges I have faced throughout my career:

I would say I got to where I am now by accepting every challenge and opportunity with open arms which really made me try things that were out of my comfort zone and presented various challenges, each and everyone making me stronger and more determined. As long as you stay true to yourself and don’t lose touch with your true strengths and passions this is a great way of developing your character. One of my biggest challenges was within the first few years of my role at Bereco, which was really a discovery into the Construction Industry.

I feel at this time, perceptions of women in the industry were that they were inferior and couldn’t possibly have any technical knowledge what so ever. I do feel as though the industry is becoming much more open and accepting and I no longer experience this. I am not sure if this is because of my resilience and strength that I have built over the years or if things are actually changing but I feel like it is perhaps a combination of the two. I feel like this also lies in the hands of women and in supporting other female colleagues and championing their success and this is something I believe in strongly.

In the past, I have actually dealt with a lot of Anxiety and I feel a lot of this is as a result of not feeling good enough. I overcome this on a daily basis by remaining clear in my ideas and having confidence and passion in what I am trying to achieve.

Advice for women aspiring to be leaders:

My advice would be to maintain your inner strength and as long as you are confident in your own ideas then you will succeed. If people see that you have passion in your own ideas and can communicate this effectively then gender is irrelevant.

If you have strong ideas and see them through then people will respect and follow you, as they will follow by example. Just keep going. Don’t forget who you are and what your strengths are and know that if you stay true to yourself you will find your place.

The biggest lesson I have learned is that it is ok not to be perfect all the time and that your experiences, whether positive or negative help to shape you as an individual.

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