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  • Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race

    Reni Eddo-Lodge

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  • Inglorious Empire: What The British Did To India

    Shashi Tharoor

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  • The Good Immigrant

    Nikesh Shukla

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  • Americanah

    Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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  • Girl, Woman, Other

    Bernardine Evaristo

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  • Brit(ish): On Race, Identity and Belonging

    Afua Hirsch

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  • All are Welcome

    Alexandra Penfold & Suzanne Kaufman

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  • What If We Were All The Same!

    C.M. Harris

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To Watch

  • The Hate U Give

    Based on Angie Thomas's novel of the same name, the film tells the story about a girl, Starr, who witnesses her friend shot dead by police after reaching for a hairbrush. Starr attends a predominantly white private school whose opinions and actions contrast dramatically to her family and neighbourhood friends.

  • 13th

    Named after the Thirteenth Amendment in the USA that abolished Slavery, Ava DuVernay brings a damning account of the racial prejudice and inequalities within the US prison system. She argues that slavery is now happening in a new form – the mass incarceration of Black people.

  • Just Mercy

    This is a true story about Bryan Stevenson who is a lawyer and social justice activist and how he dedicates his career to overturning miscarriages of justice. Focussing on the true story of Walter McMillian who was wrongly convicted of murder in 1988, Bryan works to prove to the court that an innocent man is currently sat on Death Row.

  • When They See Us

    A mini-series on Netflix produced and directed by Ava DuVerney tells the true life account of 5 young black men, aged between 13-16 who were imprisoned for a crime they didn’t commit. It is a powerful account about racial injustice and the impact on innocent men’s lives.

  • Loving

    Based on the true story of Richard and Mildred Loving who were arrested in the 1960s for being married. A legal battle ensues which goes up to the Supreme Court which eventually leads to the ban on inter-racial marriage being revoked.

  • Fruitvale Station

    Based on the true story of Oscar Grant who was shot in the back by a Police Officer in 2009. It follows his last day alive.

  • If Beale Street Could Talk

    This film tells the story about an innocent man being jailed for a rape he didn’t commit and the subsequent efforts of his partner to try to clear his name before the birth of their child.

  • Farming

    This film tells the true story of Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. It was common in the 60 & 70s for Nigerian parents to pay white families to foster their children as they studied or worked. He grows up to join a white skinhead gang led by a white supremacist.

What else can I do?

  • Write to your child’s school, and encourage other parents to, ask what is being done to teach British history relevant to Britain’s strong links to slavery and immigration. Ask what is being done to teach about Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.

  • Consider where you work; do the organisations you work for and with have a strategy around Diversity and Inclusion, what actions are being taken to improve?

  • Do you as an individual have a personal network that is diverse? Do you have a diverse social media feed?

  • Where do you shop? Who owns the businesses? Are they owned by people from the BAME community?

  • Do you challenge people when they make comments or post on social media things that would be classed as micro-aggressions or racist?

  • Do you challenge people when they make comments or post on social media things that would be classed as micro-aggressions or racist?


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Support Services

Support Services



Working with experts in the field of Race, Ethnicity and Cultural diversity, we support businesses to develop and deliver a truly inclusive Diversity strategy. From looking at language and recruitment practices to running focus groups and training, we support wherever necessary to ensure a positive change in culture and performance.

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If you want interesting and engaging speakers then look no further. With subjects covered about racism, diversity, resilience, anxiety, overcoming adversity and many more there is a speaker for all events and occasions.

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Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring is a valuable tool for both work life and personal life. It provides support, structure and guidance when navigating difficult decisions. Our trained and experienced coaches and mentors work with individuals and groups to help you build your skills, coping mechanisms and give clarity to a confusing world.

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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

We recognise the importance of keeping the conversation going.
We recognise the importance of understanding our own privilege.
The murder of George Floyd and the global protests that followed made us think and question more than we have before.
We were one of the many businesses who posted a black square on our social media accounts on Blackout Tuesday but we are committed to doing more.
We refuse to be another organisation simply paying lip service. Black Lives Matter needs to be a movement, not a moment.

Our Promise

  • 1.

    We will use our platform to amplify the voices of the black community

  • 2.

    We will use our platform to keep talking about BLM to ensure it isn’t forgotten

  • 3.

    We will use our platform to support black owned businesses and initiatives

  • 4.

    We will stand with the black community and use our privilege to help change

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Role Models

Role Models

One of #YesSheCan’s mantras is “if you can’t see it, you can’t be it”. We have some amazingly talented and successful women featured on #YesSheCan but we recognise we aren’t representative enough.

We have taken the decision to showcase Women (and men) of Colour separately to give even more prominence to these stories.

We have experienced various amounts of privilege and after reading, listening and learning we recognise that we need to actively give a platform so that EVERYONE feels included and inspired.

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